Adsense Making Money

          Google has opened new ways to earn money for anyone in current arena of info-tech with their Google Adsense Program. Making Money Adsense has been miracle for those people who have eagerness to start their business while sitting at their home. Moreover, their earnings will be in a lakhs. Google is like a magic box which has plentiful home based earning opportunities and all are second to none in merits. If you are making up your mind to earn some money online with google, you can work in keeping with your well-situated time.
          In order to enter into Making Money Adsense way, you need to create websites or blogs (free or paid) with reference to any topic of your interests and post google ads on it. There may be doubt in your mind for instance; how to earn money or how do you get paid? Well, in order to get money, google send  check to your address each month. You just need to have a website (free or paid). To create a free website, you can use OR to create a free blog you can use Once you have your free blog or site, you can start posting google ads on it.

What services are available on google?
         Basically google offers TWO advertising options.

Adwords : For advertisers who want to publish ads of their product or service (And they pay to google for every click or visitor to their offers)

Adsense : For Publishers (Who publish google ads on their sites/blogs/forums and they get paid for EACH click generated on their site/blog/forum)

          As we all know, Google is the name of innovative technologies, therefore, Google offers plenty of services to its users except Adsense and Adwords. Gmail, Orkut and Youtube are a few of them.

What is Google Adwords or Adsense?
          In order to gain maximum traffic, google adwords is associated with large numbers of advertisers who are on the look out for getting traffic to their website by advertising. While google adsense is for site/blog/forum owners who publish and exhibit their ads on their web pages, thus all the publishers or advertisers are connected to the google in order to extend the network of their business. If someone wants to market their product or service, they use google adwords to publish thier ads on google network sites (publisher's sites) In return publishers get some part of charged money by google on the click in as per their terms and condition. Usually, the percentage of share in not disclosed to the publishers by the google. The focus of the ads remains on the content of the site, (google publishes ads related to the content of a web page) so that it can draw the attention of the visitors.

Some Common Guidelines for Ad placement :
          1. The main motto is to design/create a website/blog/forum to provide authentic info to the visitors.

          2. In order to avoid some doubt, the color of the links and contents and site should not be same. Visitors may get confused due to colors.

          3. No pop ups or pop unders are allowed in Adsense

         4. The flashing image should not be placed near the ads so as to gravitate the visitor.

        5. If you have any query, just go through latest adsense program policies, terms and conditions which are available at :
            Terms and Conditions
            Privacy Policy

Mode of payment 
          Google has its own strategy to pay the amount to the publishers. And have its flawless way of paying money. Mostly adsense pays money by check or electronic funds transfer (EFT) is also available to some countries. The minimum amount of $100 is required for a publisher to get paid. If, your one month earning doesn't reach $100, then it would be carried over to next month and ONCE its reached $100 (Or more), you will be paid at the END of next month.

          There is a famous quote, "Well begun is half done" and for that, Google Adsense Guide to help you setup google adsense account and to maximize your GOOGLE EARNINGS. Any doubts Don't hesitate to mail me.